Youthwise for smart youth workwith clear results

The entry page of Youthwise

An instrument for coaching youth groups and interviewing collaboration partners.
Clear results in factsheets and reports.

Youthwise is an online web-based instrument for professionals that encourages the positive development of young people and provides clear results.

Youthwise is easily accessible and can be used for a variety of target groups, methods and organizations. The working method is based on the learning cycle 'plan – do – check'. Youngsters and professionals fill in a digital form through Youthwise. They do this on two separate occasions.

Each user has a personal and password protected homepage in Youthwise from where lists can be created, viewed and archived. Professional and management executives can monitor the progress via a personal inbox.


The entry page of Youthwise
Youthwise contains three modules:

  1. Personal development plan which describes the individual youths goals and actions.
  2. Development plan for groups of young people with goals and actions.
  3. Questionnaire for external partners.

Youthwise helps young people to:

  • formulate goals and necessary actions;
  • attribute a duration time to that and;
  • evaluate whether goals have been achieved.

The cycle can have a duration of several weeks to months.

Valuable insights

The reports that Youthwise produces give valuable insights into the target groups issues, goals and successes. Youthwise enables youth workers to report their results to the local governments. And that is essential for making good youth policy.

On request results can be presented by DSP-groep in several ways:

  • Periodic statements (eg monthly)
  • Factsheets
  • Report

The entry page of Youthwise